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Modern Single Level Tiny House on Wheels

6060 Hickory Hills Rd. Cumming, GA 30041
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Tiny House
1 Bed
1 Bathroom
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About the house

From the outside, this tiny house on wheels looks pretty similar to many of the tiny house designs out there. However, on the inside, this tiny house has a few design features that make it quite unique. For starters, unlike most tiny house designs, this one doesn't have loft spaces. Since some people don't like the idea of having to climb a ladder, or they don't want their sleeping space to feel too stuffy or cramped, a loftless tiny house design is a great option.

The alternative solution to this is to come up with the perfect pull out bed that can be rolled away during the day and act as a sofa. The bed hides out under the raised kitchen area within the platform that the kitchen sits upon. Up a couple of stairs that also act as storage, is the small kitchen which has a mini-fridge and a sink with cabinets and a butcher board countertop. There's also a bar table that can be used as a space to eat or to work at that overlooks the rest of the home.

When the bed is fully extended, it only reaches to the door, so there is enough room to walk around to get to the bathroom on the other end of the tiny house. Of course, the bed must be made to be rolled away each day, but that would only take about 5 minutes or so. The way this tiny house is laid out makes it very functional, and the design is a very efficient use of the space.