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Flawless Tiny Home on Wheels With a Warm Cozy Feeling

6060 Hickory Hills Rd. Cumming, GA 30041
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Tiny House
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About the house

It's easy to see why this is one of the most popular designs from Tiny Home Builders. This design features everything needed in a tiny house design including vaulted ceilings and a smart floor plan. The tiny house on wheels is available in a few different lengths including a 12 foot, 16 foot and 20-foot option. Each of the sizes will include a kitchenette, a loft and a bathroom no matter how small. You can see the different sizes and how the floor plan will vary depending on the size, but one thing that's always consistent is the fantastic craftsmanship and high quality of the builds.

Every home is decked out in wood siding of superior quality, and all of the cabinetry and fixtures are also the best quality. With these simple tiny house designs, the loft is accessed by a ladder which can be stored away when it's not in use. The loft features enough room for a mattress and three small windows for light and ventilation. The smaller model features just one window in the loft which is still enough to bring some light into the small space.

Most of the designs from Tiny Home Builders can be customized to suit the client's needs, and any desired additions or alterations can be made. This is an excellent example of a classic tiny house design and floor plan that can be built upon by the owner when they take ownership. The walls can be painted, furniture and decor added to make this little home on wheels comfy and cozy.