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Happy Off-Grid Tiny Living With Your Whole Family

24820 North 16th Avenue Ste 170, Phoenix, Az, 85085, United States


Tiny House
2 Bed
1 Bathroom
310 sq.ft
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About the house

Open, clean and bright are three words that come to mind when having a look at this beautiful tiny house design. The Bunkhouse is a family-friendly tiny house design with enough room to house an entire family. With 310 square feet and a total length of 30 feet, this is one big tiny house. The design includes a huge 12-foot master loft for the parents to sleep in as well as a private bedroom for the kids with two single beds in it. This gives the kids enough room to play in their room as well, which is very important.

Another essential feature of a family home is the kitchen which is at the heart of this tiny house. The builders, Uncharted Tiny Homes, created a functional galley kitchen with plenty of cabinetry and butcher block countertops. Then, they also added in a full-sized fridge to stock up on fresh food and a gas range built into the countertop. Close to the kitchen is the living room which features a full-sized sofa that the family can relax on.

The bathroom is also very impressive with an all-in-one washer and dryer, a large shower and a composting toilet so the home can be off the grid. Also to comply with an off-grid lifestyle are the massive solar panels on the roof of the house that could supply power to the home via the sun's rays. For those in need of a larger floor plan, the Bunkhouse definitely ticks all of the boxes when it comes to comfortable and practical living.