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Tiny Mobile Mansion

24820 North 16th Avenue Ste 170, Phoenix, Az, 85085, United States


Tiny House
2 Bed
1 Bathroom
350 sq.ft
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About the house

It's hard to think of a tiny house that could be deemed a mansion, but the Mansion Elite tiny house design breaks all of our perceptions of what it means to go tiny. Tiny house living doesn't always mean cramped spaces and cluttered environments. Especially not in this tiny house on wheels from Uncharted Tiny Homes. The Mansion Elite is spacious, clean and bright with loads of practical storage solutions and an efficient layout.

The exterior of the home is very minimal as well, and even though there aren't an abundance of windows, on the interior it somehow works. Usually, in tiny house design, the idea is to put more windows in so that it brightens up the space and can also make it feel more expansive. With this tiny house design, the windows are strategically placed, with a mixture of large and small windows which brings light into all areas of the home. Since there aren't a lot of windows, this means there is also more wall space to hang art or the TV. In the unit, you'll see the living room right at the heart of the home with the TV mounted above the staircase that accesses the bedroom loft and a large sofa directly across from it.

The kitchen is at one end of the house with the bathroom at the other, and there's even enough room in the bathroom for a full sized washing machine and a dryer. Plus, a full sized bathtub to enjoy long soaks in the tub. This design will stretch your mind too see what can be possible in a tiny house floor plan with just a little bit of innovation and smart planning.