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Commodious Tiny Living With Expensive Feel

24820 North 16th Avenue Ste 170, Phoenix, Az, 85085, United States


Tiny House
2 Bed
1 Bathroom
270 sq.ft
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About the house

Tiny houses don't have to feel tiny, and The Mansion Tiny House from Uncharted Tiny Homes is excellent proof of this. This home shows that with the right design and planning, you can have a smaller space that feels open and airy. It's also interesting that the company doesn't use a lot of windows in their tiny houses, yet on the inside, they still feel so spacious. This tiny house features French doors with glass inserts which also help to create a more expansive feel within the house.

They have also placed sufficient windows in the two loft spaces which helps to open and brighten them up. One loft hosts the main sleeping area where a king-sized bed can fit comfortably with still enough room for bedside tables. The other loft has a twin bed in it that is set up with pillows as a daybed, but it's ready for a guest to sleep on as needed. In the kitchen, they've shown a great example of how using darker colours in the small home design can also be a really great idea. The beautiful, rich charcoal grey they used on the cabinets adds a lot of depth to the kitchen which makes it feel a bit larger.

So it's not always all about using bright colours, it's about using colours in the right way in the right places. Like many of the Uncharted Tiny Homes, this one has a large fridge and a large range with an oven. Perfect for those who love to cook and for families. Expand your ideas of what tiny houses need to be designed like and get some chic decor inspiration too.