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Incredibly Efficient Single Level Tiny Home Design

24820 North 16th Avenue Ste 170, Phoenix, Az, 85085, United States


Tiny House
1 Bed
1 Bathroom
215 sq.ft
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About the house

Even though this is only a rendering, it still gives us some great insight into how the layout will function once it's built into a home. These 3-D models help us to visualize the space without having to imagine what the 2-D drawings look like in real life. This tiny house design called The Flat is an efficient design that has everything that's needed in a studio apartment. In the UK and other areas of the world apartments or studio, suites are referred to as flats, which is where the name for this one came from.

The thing that's so nice about The Flat is that there is a separate bedroom on the main floor with no loft space. That means no stairs or ladders to get into bed, or more importantly, no stairs or ladders to have to climb up and down to get from the bed to the bathroom in the night. The kitchen and living room are grouped together which is quite common in tiny house designs. The L shaped kitchen features a full sized fridge and a full sized oven and range.

Right beside the kitchen is the living room with a large sofa and a TV placed on a TV stand with lots of storage which will be essential in a tiny house design. You can also see that the bathroom features a shower, but that could also be a bathtub possibly too, for those who love taking hot baths. There's also a compact version of the floor plan as well so you can see what a scaled down floor plan looks like too.