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Flexible Tiny Home Design That Leaves an Impression

24820 North 16th Avenue Ste 170, Phoenix, Az, 85085, United States


Tiny House
1 Bed
1 Bathroom
175 sq.ft
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About the house

The Limited is a charming tiny house design rendering that shows what this floor plan could look like if it were built into a real home. The name suits the limited size of the tiny house but definitely not it's capabilities. Even in a small space like this one, there are so many significant advantages. Keeping the space minimal means it will be more affordable and less space to clean as well, which most of us can be on board with.

The floor plan manages to pack a lot into the 175 square feet including a sofa, TV, a kitchen and a bathroom into it which would be great for a studio suite. Simply put a Murphey bed or a convertible sofa in the living room area, and it can be a very flexible space. A space like this could work great as a rental unit or a guest house, or even as a vacation cabin, but there are many different ways a space like this could be utilized. The bathroom is a nice size for how small the home is, and it even has a shower in it instead of just a toilet and a sink.

The kitchen impressively has a full-sized or apartment sized oven and range in it as well as space for a small fridge. Adding a loft to this tiny house would be a great way to add some more space without having to expand the floor plan at all. That would add just that little bit of extra space for sleeping or storage.