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Tiny Home With Exciting History And Fascinating Design

611 West 11th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA


Tiny House
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64 sq.ft
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Carpenter Owl


About the house

The Gypsy Tug is a tiny house design like no other. The tiny house structure is currently located on an educational farm but was originally built to be part of the Cafe Junkit collective, which is a project that takes homemade boats down the Mississippi River and stops in riverside towns to put on shows and to also serve pumpkin pie.
The tiny structure has cedar shakes around the door that is layered up to provide depth. The tiny structure Gypsy Tug is 8 feet by 8 feet and 9 feet high. Some of the unique features of this special tiny house include the polycarbonate windows that run down the sides of the tiny house, the curved side walls that make backing up a bit easier, and the fact that this tiny home was designed for both land and sea use.

The tiny house has a nice sleeping space surrounded by windows to enjoy the view. Underneath the bed is plenty of storage for your stay. This lovely space is one of a kind and has an interesting story to tell. The Gypsy Tug is one of the excursion structures built by Carpenter Owl. The Carpenter Owl studio is located in Bloomington, Indiana. Carpenter Owl builds a variety of tiny house designs from tiny homes, studios and excursion structures.