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8/36 New Street Ringwood VIC Australia 3134


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About the house

The Willow is a modern tiny house on wheels, perfect for all your tiny house needs. The exterior has grey cladding with dark grey trim and a lime green door. Inside combines white cabinets and built-ins with light wooden ceiling, floor and trim. The Willow tiny house design has plenty of windows to let in a nice amount of natural light. The living area of this tiny house design is a good size with a large built-in cabinet to fit a television and all of your essentials.

The kitchen is located up a few stairs at one end of the design, so you have a bit of privacy that is separate from the rest of the space to prepare meals. The kitchen has a large window in front of the kitchen counter space so you can enjoy the view. The kitchen has plenty of kitchen cabinets, a good size counter space and kitchen sink. The Willow is priced from $82,990 for the fully completed model, this price includes all of the finishes, with delivery available, and is customizable.

The Willow is also available priced from $44,990 for the lock up only model. This model includes the external cladding, the framing, trailer and windows. This is a good way to save some money and do some of the work yourself. Tiny Homes Australia is located in Victoria, Australia.