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Tiny Studio for Beautiful Night Sky Views

611 West 11th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA


Tiny House
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100 sq.ft
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Carpenter Owl


About the house

Hale's Potting Studio started as a potting shed and just kept growing and is now used as an outdoor bedroom. Hale's Potting Studio is 10 feet by 10 feet and 17 feet high. The tiny studio is in a lovely location next to the garden. The ramp that leads into the tiny studio is made of scrap limestone blocks and lime dust. There is a back porch that is cantilevered from the roof rafters to remove the need for any columns. The ceiling in this studio design features a polycarbonate skylight to bring in diffused north light into the space.

This tiny studio feels spacious thanks to the high ceilings which also let in lovely natural light. You could use this tiny studio for a variety of uses to include potting shed, pottery studio, outdoor bedroom, artist studio, backyard office and guest room to name a few. Hale's Potting Studio is a tiny studio design built by Carpenter Owl.

The Carpenter Owl studio is located in Bloomington, Indiana. These tiny house builders believe in designing spaces that are chemical and allergen free. They use reclaimed building materials whenever possible. Carpenter Owl also has a diy program where clients can help build their tiny house design from concept to finish.