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Recycled Materials And Artistic Vibes - Tiny Home on Wheels That Inspires

611 West 11th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA


Tiny House
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Carpenter Owl


About the house

Tiny homes are a labour of love, and this tiny house on wheels definitely showcases that beautifully. A rustic, artistic approach to tiny house building can be seen with the charming Snails Away tiny house on wheels built by Daniel Weddle of Carpenter Owl. It's small house designs like this one that really makes tiny house building seem approachable even for those who don't have extensive carpentry skills or qualifications. For the most part, this tiny house was created out of reclaimed and recycled materials, which is a fabulous way to build a tiny house on a budget.

You can see that the builder used a variety of brilliant woods to create the exterior siding for the home. In this case, mainly cherry, maple, and poplar woods were used, and that wood came from trees that had already either been blown over in the wind or that had died of natural causes. It's wonderful to see the mosaic patchwork of the different colours and types of wood brought together on the outside of the home, creating a personality of its own. You'll also notice the many windows that line the walls of the tiny house on wheels, which also seem to be upcycled and repurposed to create a lot of openings in the home.

Even the wooden door has a glass panel in it which is perfect for bringing more light into the home. Inside this charming home, you can see what a difference having all of these windows makes, bringing light into the home and making it feel more expansive. If you ever thought a tiny house was too small to host your friends for a night of jamming, think again, Snails away also proves that no home is too small for a gathering.