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Fantastic Tiny House on Wheels With the Main Floor Bedroom And Lots of Storage Space

21948 Ne Glisan Street Gresham, or 97030


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About the house

A great view of things to come, the Cheeky Monkey Jude model shows what one of the tiny houses from Cheeky Monkey Tiny House could look like. These are excellent ideas for a very comfortable tiny house on wheels. The home is a total of 28 feet long allowing for plenty of room to play around within the design. Like other models from the company, this one also features a bathroom in the centre of the home which creates a very different floor plan than most small house designs.

Because they place the bedroom on the main floor, the bathroom creates an excellent separation between the kitchen area and the bedroom. Also, above the bathroom area is another sleeping area which could also be used as storage space depending on what the dwellers need. Stairs lead up to the loft area providing a safer and easier way to access the loft with the potential of more storage being able to go within the stair frame. The shed roof also gives more space within the home providing higher ceilings and more overhead space up in the loft.

For this model presentation and rendering, they've displayed the tiny house in a blue colour scheme, but the colour scheme could be made into any style or colour pallet. It all depends on the aesthetic of the homeowner and the direction they would like to go with their interior decor. With so many opportunities to change the style of the home, the options are endless.