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Picture-Perfect Modern Tiny Home on Wheels With a Rooftop Patio

19700 SW 118th Ave, Tualatin, OR 97062, USA
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Tiny Heirloom


About the house

Not many tiny house designs can make dark colours work the way that it works in this small house design. Most design tips tell us to stay away from darker shades if we're decorating a small space, but this design embraces the dark colours in a very attractive way. While using a lighter colour pallet has its benefits, we can also see that when black and other dark tones are used in the right way, they can create depth in a tiny home interior which can also make it appear larger.

This tiny house design makes use of black for the trim, flooring and some of the feature walls in the home, picking and choosing the right places to put it makes all the difference. They went with white cabinets and walls which creates the perfect balance between dark and light making for the perfect yin and yang decor motif. One of the other notable features of this tiny house on wheels is the awesome rooftop patio with a railing for safety. This would be the perfect place to watch the sunset or catch some fireworks nearby.

Another great exterior feature is the storage box on the hitch of the trailer because we all know how vital storage is for smaller spaces. Nestled amongst the trees is the perfect place for this modern rustic tiny house which would make a happy full-time or part-time home. The Modern tiny home is a great reminder not to leave out darker colours when decorating and designing your tiny home, and how to use them in the best way.