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Funky Tiny Home Waits to Be Filled With Adventures

19700 SW 118th Ave, Tualatin, OR 97062, USA
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Tiny Heirloom


About the house

One of the many reasons people love tiny houses on wheels so much is the liberty and freedom to create a totally unique design. That is certainly the case with the Tiny Adventure home that was custom built for a couple who loves outdoor adventure. This home is full of awesome surprises and features. The main feature of the home is the most obvious since it covers the entire side of the home. This feature would be the rock climbing wall that extends the length of one of the exterior walls of the tiny house on wheels.

The builders created this rock climbing wall as a fun way to showcase the client's personal interests and give them a space to practice their passions. The next incredible feature is the glass garage door that creates a grand entrance into the home while opening it up to the outdoors. Inside, the home is filled with colour and even more wonderful features. The kitchen looks like the perfect place to cook meals and when all is said and done the large stainless steel sink makes clean up easy.

Then, in the bathroom is a very deep tub that would be desirable to any homeowner and would be perfect for soothing aching muscles after a day of adventuring and outdoor activity. On the main level, there is also bench seating around a table that's large enough to fit six or seven people comfortably to dine or play board games. The sky is the limit when it comes to tiny house design, and the Adventure home is just proof of that.