Cozy Family Living In a Spacious Tiny Home

19700 SW 118th Ave, Tualatin, OR 97062, USA
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Tiny Heirloom


About the house

Cozy, comfortable and welcoming are all feelings you'll get when you take a look at this tiny house on wheels. This tiny house was created for a family with two young children which shows that it's very possible to live in a tiny house as a small family. You may be wondering where the kids sleep, look no further than the second loft space that is divided in two by a partition down the middle. Each side has its own mattress, and one side has a skylight while both sides have opening windows.

The partition is made up of small shelves and nooks where the kids can store their items like books and their favourite toys. Plus, they have light switches right nearby so they can turn their lights on and off as needed. The master loft is for mom and dad to sleep in, but it's very similar to the kid's loft with two opening windows and a skylight on one side. They also have a small window at the head of the bed for even more ventilation and views. Both of the lofts are reached by a staircase of their own, and each staircase includes storage within.

One of them holds the all in one washer and dryer combo unit which is especially important when you have a family to keep up with. Lots of counter space in the kitchen makes for easy meal prep, and the large sink would be perfect for clean up. There's also a nicely appointed dest space for work at home and a very stylish bathroom. No home is too small for a family to live happily, and the Rocky Mountain Home is just proof of that.