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Relax on the Roof of Your Tiny Home And Enjoy the Views

19700 SW 118th Ave, Tualatin, OR 97062, USA
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Tiny Heirloom


About the house

From the outside, this tiny house on wheels may look like a quaint cabin in the woods, but there is so much more to explore on the inside. Through the wooden double doors, you'll find that this tiny house design is sweet and simple, but it's also got a sophisticated edge to it too. With all of the high-end finishes and neutral colour palette with pops of colour here and there, this tiny house has a lot of class. In the bedroom loft, there is an excellent skylight plus windows on either side, and an innovative staircase to climb up to it. The handcrafted wooden staircase comes apart to create the stair to reach the loft, and when it's not in use, it tucks away. The second loft is just as impressive as the main loft, with a cute little seating area complete with a TV, telescope and windows, as well as a ladder leading up to the rooftop patio. That would be the perfect place to put that telescope to good use. The kitchen is a dream come true even for those who aren't interested in small house living. The granite countertops shimmer in the light and the deep double sink is perfect for dish duty. The builders were also sure to include luxury appliances and a combination washer and dryer for convenience. Past the kitchen, you catch a glimpse of the bathroom with the full-sized soaker tub which is beyond what most tiny homes have in them. The window above the bathtub is also wonderful and adds so much character to the home. Who says tiny houses need to be basic? This home shows us that you can take your style and run with it in a tiny house on wheels, even with limited space.