Warmth of a Family Home in a Beautiful Tiny Space on Wheels

19700 SW 118th Ave, Tualatin, OR 97062, USA
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Tiny Heirloom


About the house

Here is a perfect example of how a family with children can live comfortably in a tiny house on wheels. Families are choosing small house living for many different reasons, but one of the primary reasons is so that they can have more time together as a family. Living smaller is a great way to own a home while still being able to save money. When your home is designed as nicely as this Tiny Traveling Dream Home is, you wouldn't feel as though you're sacrificing much either.

All of the amenities of a modern conventional home are included in this small space, and the design has so much to offer as well. With the kitchen at the heart of the home, it's perfect for family living and daily routines. No family home is complete without a full sized oven and stove which this home implemented. There is also an apartment sized fridge which isn't as large as a regular fridge but it still has a lot more space than a mini fridge. A farmhouse style apron sink is the perfect type of sink for this design because it looks great and functions well in the space.

Parallel to the food prep area is a beautiful wood slab countertop with stool seating for the entire family to eat together. Instead of the usual loft bedroom for the kids, they opted to place their bedroom on the main floor which gives them enough room for little beds and their books and toys. There's also plenty of clever storage throughout this home which makes it even easier to live in.