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1975 Alpine Way, Bellingham, Washington, USA
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About the house

This beautiful tiny house from Big Freedom Tiny Homes is an excellent example of how you can fit a lot into a little space. The home looks stylish and modern on the outside with it's shed style roof and the wooden siding with black trim. The door is painted a deep red for a pop of colour, and there's even a window on the door to let some extra light in. Once inside, there is a nicely sized living room with a sectional couch complete with storage, and it can even turn into a full double bed. Multifunctional furniture is so important in a space like this because each are in the tiny house needs to be used for at least a couple of different purposes.

Over the living room, there is a beautiful small loft which would be perfect to use for storage space or as another sleeping or lounge area. One great idea would be to make the second loft into a closet space where the owners could store their clothing and shoes. The secondary loft has a ladder leading up to it while the main sleeping loft has a staircase. This makes it so much easier to get up and down especially when it's getting out of bed in the morning. There is also some storage in the bedroom loft for some clothing storage as well, and there is some storage space in the staircase too.

Under the main sleeping loft is the kitchen area which is quite impressive. It features a lovely granite countertop and some beautiful glass tile all the way up the wall. There is also a smaller sized range and oven as well as an apartment sized fridge. The small sink is on the other side of the galley kitchen with more countertop space as well. So there's lots of food prep space. The bathroom in the tiny house design features a bathtub which is becoming more popular in tiny houses on wheels. There is also some excellent subway tile in the bathtub area so it can also be used as a shower. This tiny house features a flush toilet so it would need to be hooked up to sewage, but composting toilets are an off-grid option.