Cute Tiny House With Full Bedroom-Sized Split-Level Loft

Sherwood Forest Londonderry, Vermont
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Tiny House
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208 sq.ft
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About the house

The Nova is an 8x26 foot tiny house shell that has an innovative split-level sleeping loft instead of a traditional loft. This means no more having to crouch when you go to upstairs to sleep. The Nova split-level loft features enough space for a queen-sized bed and frame, along with enough space to sit and stand without having to bend.

The Nova tiny house design was fully insulated with most of the wall material up and finished on the exterior. The Nova Shell in the photos was moved to Western Vermont to be finished by the owner. The 8x26 foot Nova Shell is a good way to save money and get the tiny house design that you want and need.

Typically it takes Tiny House Crafters 9 weeks to build a move-in ready tiny house design but will vary depending on the tiny house design. For custom tiny house designs, Tiny House Crafters will work closely with the buyer to help design their dream tiny house design, and the building doesn't start until the last decision is made and the building plans are set. The 8x26 foot Nova tiny house shell is available from Tiny House Crafters, LLC located in Londonderry, Vermont.