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High Ceilings, Large Bathroom, Screen Porch - This Tiny House Really Knows How to Leave an Impression

3501 Jack Kultgen Expressway Waco, Texas 76711
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Tiny House
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480 sq.ft
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Kanga Room Systems


About the house

You'll want to take a look inside the Cottage Cabin 16x30 with screened in porch. Kanga Cabins are designed to be placed in the country or in locations where there will be no required inspections by a local building authority.

If the building site access allows, the cottage cabin can be trucked in nearly fully assembled, which will require very little on-site time. Currently the floorplans for both the Cottage Cabins and the dwellings are identical, although Kanga will be developing plans that are specifically for cabins that do not have some of the restrictive, space-wasting requirements that are sometimes demanded by city code.

The Cottage Cabins and Dwellings are available as shell kits, installed shells (in Texas only) and turnkey (Texas only) buildings. The shell kits consist of the exterior building material, and the Kanga Cottage Cabin or dwelling will look complete from the exterior upon local install completion with only the pine tongue and groove ceiling cover, the exposed studs and interior wall framing on the inside. Turnkey buildings are move-in ready cottage homes that are finished on the inside and out with all of the electrical, plumbing, and fixtures.

Kanga Room Systems is a company that is deeply committed to producing eco-conscious, energy efficient products, and using sustainable building materials wherever possible.