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Dreamy Small Cottage Takes You Straight to a Fairy Tale

3501 Jack Kultgen Expressway Waco, Texas 76711
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Tiny House
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972 sq.ft
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Kanga Room Systems


About the house

This cheery cottage is a one of a kind design from Kanga Room Systems. The colourful tiny house design is one of the company's larger options at 972 square feet, but they built units as small as only 100 square feet. The exterior of this home is decked out in some bright paint including a beautiful blue with a vibrant sunshine yellow for a very unique look.

The impressive porch extends the length of the home with a section that wraps around the home with a screened in portion. There are also a ton of windows all around the home making for a beautiful, light-filled space. There is only one photo of the interior, but there seems to be a lot of space within the home. Enough space for a small grand piano in the central living area of the house as well as a large family dining table. They also brought some of the colour inside the home by painting the inside of the door yellow as well. The walls are kept neutral with a cream coloured paint, and there are little pops of colour everywhere including with the light blue dining table and chairs.

This small house design has enough room for a family to live full-time or to use as a vacation cabin. This could be the perfect starter home on a newly purchased property out in the country as it would be quite affordable to build and it's a practical size to start with. It doesn't get any cuter than this small cottage design.