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Renting a Small Cabin Have Never Been So Exciting

3501 Jack Kultgen Expressway Waco, Texas 76711
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Tiny House
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640 sq.ft
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Kanga Room Systems


About the house

Stylish, colourful and modern, this cabin compound from Kanga Room Systems has so much to offer. Shown here the grouping of modern cabins is used to accommodate several guests in the same area with common spaces to enjoy time together. All of the buildings share the same colour scheme and style which creates a cohesive look. They are all painted blue with natural wood accents which makes for a very fresh and light appearance. All of the units feature lots of windows and multiple entrances which makes for a light-filled space.

There is also a common space outside where the guests of the cabins can come together and enjoy some outdoor time, but when it's time to sleep, everyone has their own space to retreat to. In the larger units, there are also common games areas where guests can hang out and play games together; there are also bathrooms in the larger units as well complete with showers, sinks and toilets. These cabin compounds could be used for a variety of purposes such as a camp, guest rooms for a private property or even as an office space.

The designs of these units can also be changed to suit the customer's preferences, and the colours can be adjusted to match the existing home. This Modern Cabin Compound appears to be on a ranch where extra accommodation may be needed for different retreats held at the ranch or for the owner's visiting family members when they come out to the ranch to visit.