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Epic Modern Tiny Home on a Unique Location

3501 Jack Kultgen Expressway Waco, Texas 76711
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Tiny House
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416 sq.ft
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Kanga Room Systems


About the house

A permanent tiny house in the trees, the Modern Dwell is a 16 foot by 26-foot design from Kanga Room Systems. This small house is built onto the side of a hill and is accessed by a beautiful wooden staircase that winds down the hill. There's also a deck on the home leading up to the front door which features the signature three narrow windows to the side of it, a common design choice for Kanga Room Systems. From the outside, the home may not seem like much, but on the inside, there is a lot to appreciate.

There is one large common area in the home that holds space for the kitchen, living room and dining area. Keeping the furniture very small and minimal helps to balance the space and keep it feeling open. The kitchen being all against the one wall also helps with maintaining a very open feel to the centra space. There is even a double door fridge and freezer as well as a full sized oven and range with a microwave over top.

Cabinets encase the entire kitchen set up providing lots of storage which is always essential in a tiny house. For dining, there is a small bar and barstool set up which would be comfortable for two people. For larger meals and gatherings perhaps a more extensive table could be brought in with some extra chairs. Beyond the kitchen and living room area is the bedroom and bathroom meaning that this small home has everything needed for simple small house living.