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Elegant Simplicity at Its Best

3501 Jack Kultgen Expressway Waco, Texas 76711
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Tiny House
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168 sq.ft
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Kanga Room Systems


About the house

This cottage from Kanga Room Systems is a dream come true and with it one of their Kwick Rooms to match. The country cottage is very simple in its design, and there's nothing too fancy about it, but there is a simple kind of elegance and charm it holds. The welcoming front porch is a big part of that, with the beams going all the way across and the Adirondack chairs waiting to be sat in. As for colour schemes, this is one of the simplest for Kanga Room Systems, but it's so classic and stunning.

They went with white for the exterior siding, the trim and the roofing which will help to keep the home cool in hotter weather. Then, for accents, they went with black for the door, lighting and the chairs. Inside, the minimalist design continues with white walls and wooden floors to warm the space up. The living room area shares space with the dining area, and the kitchen is tucked off to the side, yet still open to the living area. They went with striking darker cabinets and butcher block counters with handmade industrial style shelving.

Behind the kitchen and bathroom is the bedroom which is a very open and generous space. It also includes two closet spaces with double doors and enough room for dressers too. Another nice feature on this home is the large screened in patio on the side of the home which is especially great on those hotter nights. This country classic is a true gem of a small house design.