You Can Buy a House on Amazon for Only $4,490

The Lillevilla Escape is just one of the cabins you will find available on Amazon. The 113 square foot cabin comes from Allwood Cabins has one room, and is perfect for a variety of uses from a garden shed, artist studio, guest house, vacation home, and more. If you've ever wanted to just escape and get away for a few days in the middle of winter to somewhere different, somewhere fun, somewhere else, you'll be sure to love one of the Escape Allwood Cabin Kits, put it together, and have a marvelous vacation right in your backyard. The easy-to-assemble Escape Kit Cabin comes with everything you need to put up your little vacation spot in no time.

The roomy, 113-square-foot cabin building means you and your family have lots of room to relax. It can go right in your backyard, or on that little piece of land you bought, or you've been waiting to buy. The cabin building can be decorated just like a cabin in the woods, or you can make it an office if you prefer whatever your imagination dreams up, this cabin delivers. The door measures 30 5/8 inches by almost 67 inches so any desk or bed can easily fit through. The walls are 6 feet 5 inches tall, so almost anyone can fit. The wood cabin stands 8 foot 3 inches when built, and its wood exterior makes it a beautiful addition to your property, and the neighborhood too. Once complete, the wood cabin occupies 14 feet 2 inches by 14 feet 7 inches of space. There is a window, so you can let in some natural light. Put up a couple of patio chairs, and you’re all set for your great escape.

The Lillevilla Escape does not come with insulation and it is not recommended to add insulation on a small cabin such as this. It is a better investment to use subflooring and thermal panels between the ceiling boards and the roofing material. A small heater or air conditioning unit goes a long way at a fraction of the wall insulation cost. And the wood cabin still looks like a cabin. Wall insulation changes that.

As for the roofing, there is roofing felt included in the kit but the final roofing must be purchased by the customer. Due to association rules, customers have different preferences so there is no one roofing choice. Some customers like bitumen shingles, some like tile, and so on. The floorboards are 21/32 inch tongue and grove Spruce pattern stock. The cabin building kit comes with 1/2 inch OSB subflooring.

For the assembly of the cabin kit, it is recommended that you have another person to help you put it together. It is also recommended that you have a hammer, measuring tape, Phillips screwdriver, level, saw box cutter, pliers, drill, and a ladder. Getting the extra space you need has never been easier, and this cabin kit from Amazon is a quality wood cabin kit that can be used for a variety of uses from artist studio, guest house, to backyard office, and more.

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