Wood Cabin only $23,119 You Can Assemble Yourself!

This small wood cabin kit is available from Cabana Village cabin kits. The kits are perfect for use as cottage bunkies, weekend cabins, lakeside cottages, starter cabins, or backyard retreats. The cabin kits and cottage bunkies are available in standard extra wall height featuring loft space, an optional porch, and a choice of roof pitch. An 87-inch wall height is standard on the cabin kits and you have a choice of one of two roof pitches. The cabin kits are designed with a sleeping loft and come with either a ladder or hardwood stairs (depending on the size of the cabin unit). The cabins, cottages, and bunkies feature cedar doors, windows, and trim and are available in cedar or maintenance-free Canexel siding.

The wood cabins have a sturdy construction and use of quality building materials, extensive pre-fabrication, ease of assembly, and attractive design, their possible uses are only limited by your imagination. You'll want to look at the site with plenty of models and sizes to find a cabin that works best for you. These cabins, cottages, and bunkies are excellent options for anyone who needs a little extra living space on their property. Any time you need some additional space to accommodate guests on your property or want to create a special getaway location you might consider a cabin kit or cottage bunkie kit. You can choose from natural Western Red Cedar siding or Canexel maintenance-free siding. The cabins can be used throughout the year, however, if you live in a colder climate you'll need to consider insulation.

If you want to insulate your cabin building, it is recommended that you order a cabin that includes a structural package. Structural packages are included with the Cabin, Bunkie, and Pool House designs. If you select the structural package in the design center it will automatically upgrade your design to one of these options. The structural package adds a layer of plywood sheathing, building wrap, and strapping under the siding, and includes metal brackets to hold critical parts of the structure framing together. The strapping provides an air space between the siding and the building wrap. Fiberglass batt insulation can then be placed between the studs to provide an R12 insulation value.

Also, a structural package will likely be required by your permitting authority for larger cabin structures and structures that are located in areas that are subject to high winds or seismic events. Although Cabana Village prefers to provide you with completely pre-assembled walls, they can also supply the walls with only the plywood attached and the siding pre-cut. Also, with larger structures, pre-applying the strapping and siding can make the wall sections heavy and difficult to manipulate on the job site.

Cabana Villages offer quality cabin kits, and the cabin buildings have been tested for quality assurance and safety. The wood cabin kits have been tested for fire damage, water damage, sound insulation, and heat insulation. Since the wood cabin kits are made up of 100mm cement sandwich panels, this makes the cabins very energy efficient.

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