Tiny House & Shed Prefab Kits Start at only $9,900

Most people need a bit more space and don't know exactly how they can achieve it. Prefab portable structures, cabins, backyard studios, backyard offices, and garden sheds are a quick and easy way for you to add affordable space to your property. Melwood Cabanas and Garden Rooms in Australia offers garden studios, cabanas, and a backyard timber garden shed to provide the perfect solution for your home and garden living and lifestyle. They have five standard design ranges to include Garden Sheds, Mod Cabin Cabanas, Porch Cabin Cabanas, Verandah Cabin Cabanas, and Workshed Cabanas. You'll be inspired by the simple cabana designs that can give you the extra space that you need.

Garden Rooms. Sleek and sophisticated, the garden shed is a great prefab unit for your space needs. The shed features premium cedar cladding, where each board is applied, one by one, the garden shed will become a statement in your garden, and add value to your property. Available in a kit, the backyard cabin buildings and timber structures are your best lifestyle space solution. Custom sizes are also available.

Mod Design. Modern, and light-filled, this cabana is an attractive and practical way of adding extra space to your property. The modern cabana features stunning highlight windows that let in plenty of natural sunlight, and a roof design with guttering at the back for natural drainage, a great addition to your home. The modern cabana can be used for pool cabanas, art studios, home office, home gym, teenage retreat, garden room work shed, relaxing retreat, reading room, pottery room, study room, and more. The cabanas are available in kit form and are the best lifestyle space solution.

Porch Design. The Porch cabana room is a nice, practical way of adding extra space to your property. This cabana design features a covered deck area which is perfect for a chair or two. Available in kit from the timber cabin structures are a great way to get the extra space that you need.

Verandah Design. The Verandah cabana room is an appealing and practical way of getting the extra space you need for your property. The cabana design features a large verandah and deck which is perfect for a chair or two (and even better with a view). The timber cabin building structures are also available in custom sizes.

Work Shed Design. The perfect solution for your outdoor living and lifestyle needs. The work shed cabana design has exterior cladding that can be chosen from durable Western Red Cedar which is naturally resistant to termites and fungal attack, and chemical-free, and kiln-dried to eliminate shrinkage and cracking. The alternative is a smooth and safe kiln-dried board and batten cladding. These claddings are pre-fixed to the structural pine framing and come complete with elevated floor and pressure-rated concrete footings. If you live in a fire-prone area and wish to place your shed less than 16 feet from an existing dwelling, or inquire about information on their range of compliant non-combustible claddings and upgrades.

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