This Stone House Rocks!

Located in Southwest Montana, the Double D Ranch is the home of dreams with the main residence with 4,055 square feet, a Swedish guest cabin, and a fishing cabin to make this stunning property complete. The owner wanted a home that would help his wife enjoy her time spent in Montana as much as he did. The owner's wife is an interior designer and she played an integral part in the overall design of the ranch to include the main house, horse barn, guesthouse, and fishing cabin.

The beautiful Montana home used a variety of reclaimed building materials to include stones from tailings at a nearby abandoned mining operation, reclaimed wood for accents, along antique railroad lanterns for exterior lighting.

Swedish Guest Cabin. Originally constructed in 1912 by Swedish homesteaders near Ennis, Montana this log cabin was disassembled and brought back to life as comfortable, modern guest accommodations.

Fishing Cabin. This cabin has a trout pond down a steep slope, the small cabin enhances the time spent by the water. This is the perfect place to escape an afternoon storm or take a nap. The owners wanted this small cabin retreat to blend into its natural surroundings. The cabin has a sod roof and building materials that were collected on-site to include the displaced boulders from nearby mining tailings.

When it comes to designing the ranch or home of your dreams you want to go with an architectural firm that sees your vision. When you approach a home design as more than just combining a series of rooms, your range of influences stretches further as well. Design aesthetic should steer you toward the textures, color palettes, and material choices grounded in the region. Ultimately, the goal is to build spaces that help you experience the natural surroundings, instead of merely insulating you from them. It’s a result that can only be achieved by including everyone in the process from the clients themselves, to the contractors and craftsmen, to the material suppliers, and on down the line.

You want a design firm that listens, exchanges inspired ideas, and is transparently honest, so what might have been a sterile process becomes an enjoyable exercise in creativity. After all, your home design will be more than a house so it follows your architect needs to be more than a designer. At Miller Roodell Architects, they welcome that role and have found that a fulfilling collaboration results in an exceptional home. Located in Bozeman, Montana they appreciate how the American West speaks to the wild countryside, wide-open skies, and finding joy in a timeless, enduring landscape. This land is a shared heritage and an indelible backdrop to the lives of those who settle there.

One of the most important parts of building your dream home is site selection. Before any building project begins, a site must be selected. Its attributes, both positive and negative are all taken into account. The architects look at the access and approach, sun angles, drainage, view scapes, all as part of the package. Once a building site is selected, you can then move on to the fundamental aspects of creating a hierarchy of spatial relationships and functions for the building project.

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