This Charming Rancher Style House Ticks the Boxes

This is just one example of how far park model homes have come. The beautifully finished park model home with its modern wooden exterior, large covered patio, and double patio doors is just one of the designs you can choose. With the rising costs of home and property taxes driving more people towards more affordable housing, RV park model homes are becoming more popular. As an affordable alternative to standard homes, park model homes allow for you to have a long-term, temporary, or permanent housing option just about anywhere. The following are some of the benefits that park model homes offer.

Affordability. One of the most popular benefits of buying a park model home is that they are much more affordable than traditional homes. This is due to their smaller size and the fact that you do not have to pay for a concrete slab or land, helping you to save money. The good news is that the lower price doesn't mean you are not getting quality products. With several park model homes to choose from you'll find something to suit everyone.

Customizable. Park model homes are some of the most customizable options when it comes to RVs. Gone are the days when park model homes all look the same or come with the most basic furnishings. Now, you can add windows decks, granite, and much more to your park model home to give it a more upscale look. This is a huge advantage when you are looking at using a park model for long-term or permanent living situations as you can get the same comforts that you would normally find in a traditional home.

Long Term Living. Not only are park model homes great for non-permanent use they are mostly used for long-term living. This can include staying in them while you build a new home, or living in it during your retirement years. Park model homes come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate long-term living and can be built to suit your specific lifestyle and needs. You will need to have electrical, water, and plumbing set up at the location you are wanting to use the RV park model.

Nicer Than Most RVs. Today more than ever park model homes can be found in a variety of designs and are usually much nicer than a typical RV. Quality comes first with many park model homes to ensure that you live comfortably in a home that has building materials that will last a lifetime. When you compare park model homes to standard RVs it's easy to see why more people are buying RV park model homes to live in for extended periods.

Transportable. The main reason that people choose to go with an RV park model home is that they can be transported with any vehicle capable of towing them (licensed toter and permits must be obtained by the DMV). Park model homes are homes that are built onto a chassis with wheels similar to a trailer. This allows you to move the park model home when needed.

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