These Inexpensive Barn House Kits Start at Only $8,000!

SteelMaster steel buildings are a great way to get the extra storage that you need. The company offers quality, durability, and versatility within an arch design that makes its steel structures the strongest on earth.

They have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. SteelMaster’s buildings are located in every state in the United States, on six continents, and in more than 40 countries. Since 1982, they have sold more than 50,000 buildings to residential, commercial, and industrial clients who use their steel structures for dozens of applications, including storage buildings and steel garages. While the uses for their buildings are virtually limitless, their metal garage kits are among the most popular applications for residential customers. The larger steel building kits are the perfect solution for industrial customers who require a storage building, warehouse, or commercial-use structure.

One of the most popular of the SteelMaster structures is the Quonset Hut. All of the huts use Galvalume Plus coating with an Energy Star rating, which makes the steel buildings eco-friendly and virtually maintenance-free. The huts have an unobstructed interior space with no beams or trusses, including State stamped engineered blueprints, precut panels with only one size nut and bolt, resistance against natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, earthquakes, and heavy wind/snow, and use nothing less than 22 gauge steel. The following are some of the Quonset Huts that are available.

Q-Model. When most people think of the Quonset Hut, they picture the classic Q-Model design. It’s the strongest structure on the market. The Q-Model is a classic semi-circular structure that became popular during World War II. These all-purpose steel buildings were used as barracks, offices, latrines, medical facilities, military housing, and more. Since then, the Q-Model uses include airplane hangars, agricultural and heavy equipment storage, and many other custom designs. Additionally, this model is the most popular model for Quonset hut homes.

X-Model. The X-Model hut is popular among people looking for protective shelters for their investments. SteelMaster’s X-Model hut is best for areas that have heavy snow loads due to its 4:12 pitched roofline which makes it easier for heavy snow to slide right off. This hut model is also perfect for workshops, garages, and storage buildings.

A-Model. Invented by SteelMaster Buildings in 1992, the A-Model hut combines usable space, durability, and a traditional gable appearance. While the A-Model hut also has a 4:12 pitch roofline, it differs from the X-Model by having straight walls. The straight walls of the hut allow for easy palletizing and shelf or storage space.

S-Model. With straight sidewalls and a rounded roofline, the S-Model hut is a well-rounded storage option. If the Q-Model and the A-Model had a baby, it would be the S-Model hut. Like the Q-Model, the round roof will deflect wind and snow. The straight walls and higher roof make it easy for a second story to be added. The rounded roofline provides plenty of overhead space for taller items and/or equipment, and the straight sidewalls allow for maximum storage and workspace.

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