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The Amish Cabin Company makes affordable log cabin buildings. Their log cabins are customizable, and you can get them prebuilt or unassembled. Unassembled cabin options are cheaper, but it’s easier to move in an assembled log cabin. You'll want to go through your budget and make a decision. The Amish Cabin Company are known for their quality Amish craftsmanship. Amish Cabin Company’s owner Linton Wells shares the story of his beginnings. He came up with an idea a few years ago. Wells wanted to build a log cabin for himself, and he liked the Amish modular cabins. He was impressed and respects the Amish and their history. His relationship with the Amish craftsmen helped him turn the idea into a real project. The Amish craftsmen helped him build log cabins.

If you know the Amish, you probably know that they want to build good things. They would never sacrifice their reputation, and they protect their name at any cost. You can see the Amish tear things down and start their project over again. The cost goes to themselves just because their reputation is very important. Half of the company’s cabin buildings are primary residences, and the other are retail offices, rentals, and coffee shops. A modular log cabin building can offer so many opportunities, and your imagination can impose the only limits.

There are a variety of log cabins available from Amish Cabin Company, with different sizes and prices to suit your lifestyle, budget, and needs. The cabin building is assembled on-site, but you can order a basic non-insulated kit for a reasonable price. At Amish Cabin Company they build RVIA certified park model RVs, with quality building materials and Amish craftsmanship. Rustic cabin or country cottage style are available.

The Cumberland log cabin building is one of Amish Cabin Company's most popular models for recreation use. The Cumberland can be used for a variety of things including guest houses, in-law suites, home offices, or artist studios to name a few. The Cumberland log cabin comes in sizes of 14 feet by 28 feet up to 14 feet by 40 feet. This style of a log cabin has an inset center porch perfect for enjoying your morning cup of coffee or tea. There are also 2 reverse gables on this cabin that make for more space in the 2 lofts within the log cabin. The Cumberland is a quality built log cabin that you'll be sure to love.

The log cabin buildings from Amish Cabin Company can also be modified to only have one loft or no lofts at all if the customer wants higher ceilings throughout the log cabin. The kitchen has both upper and lower kitchen cabinets, a sink, and space enough for major appliances. The log cabin has a storage closet in the bedroom and the bathroom, there is a shower, sink, and toilet. Plumbing is not included nor available in the log cabins, but there is a 200 amp electric package that includes wiring, smoke alarms, fixtures, a ceiling fan, and a breaker box.

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