Take a Peek Inside this Charming Laneway Tiny House

Lanefab is a Vancouver, British Columbia integrated design/build company that crafts custom homes and infills mini-homes or laneway houses with design quality and energy efficiency as core values. In urban planning, infills, are the rededication of land in an urban environment, usually open space, to new house construction. Their building projects are all unique as they are built for a specific site and client and are consistently rated among Canada’s most energy-efficient. The Lanefab team can provide full design and construction services and work with you from the first sketches to the final finishes. They can navigate the zoning and permitting process for you and can provide a fixed-price construction contract with clearly defined building materials, methods, and costs. Lanefab designs and builds laneway houses, passive houses, new homes, duplexes, and renovations/additions.

The Buttercup is a craftsman-style laneway house located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is just one of the laneway houses designed by Lanefab. Laneway houses have been built in Vancouver since the laneway tiny housing program began in 2009. The goal of the program was to increase the variety and supply of affordable housing within the city. The Buttercup is used as a vacation rental. You'll want to take a look inside this beautifully finished laneway house design, with its open living/dining/kitchen, and upstairs bedroom this tiny home has everything you need. The following are some of the reasons to work with a design firm to get the home that you want.

Working with a design/build firm. At Lanefab their integrated design/build process means that they can be a one-stop for the entire designing and building process of your home. They have an experienced team of residential designers, interior designers, carpenters, and project managers. Lanefab also has a dedicated team of consultants and subcontractors who work with them regularly.

Design/build versus working with an architect. In contrast with a typical architects' office, Lanefab can provide feedback on costing and construct-ability through the design stage, and their designers are involved in every step of the construction stage. They can develop cost estimates during the design stage so you won't have to wait for contractor bids to know if your home design will fit your budget.

Design/build versus working with a general contractor. Lanefab is an integrated team so you can be confident that the construction process will reflect the intent of your decisions that were made at the design stage. The integrated team can work through changes quickly without the conflict that often emerges between separate design and construction teams.

Lanefab Prefab Building System and The Lanefab Hybrid Wall. Lanefab has first-hand experience with a wide range of different building methods and systems and their Lanefab Hybrid wall system balances the best benefits of cost, performance, and timing. The system also works well on urban sites with restrictive zoning codes, and with a wide range of exterior and interior finishes. Their standard Hybrid wall has an effective insulation value of R38, is a combination of two walls to include an outer structural wall and an inner service wall.

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