Swedish Log Cabin Kit for Under $12,000

The Swedish cabin is just one of the log cabin kits that you will find when searching for a tiny home. The log cabin kit has everything you need for the cabin building to include the log walls, log railing, deck, deck posts, the railing of the log loft, floor joists, subfloor, and the loft floor. The log cabin kit also includes the windows, steel door, bat insulation, plywood roof sheeting, tin shingles, front deck, and more. The cabin kit is designed and manufactured by Bachman Log Homes which offers log cabins and homes using one of the finest full-round Swedish coped logs. The company has been milling logs since 2004 and its founder has been building log homes for over 25 years.

Bachman Log Homes use Lodgepole Pine or Englum Spruce logs to build their log cabins. These two types of logs have proven to be the best logs for building. Lodgepole Pine is great for a log cabin's walls and joists, as they sag less over time, which helps to provide a more stable foundation. On the other hand, Spruce logs are relatively inexpensive. They also have a generally good shrinkage rate, as well as a decay and fungus resistance, once it’s been treated.

Their logs are milled from dead-standing timber, which means they are using a valuable natural resource that would otherwise have been gone to waste. For quality control, the log cabin company ensures that every log is checked and graded at the mill. Some areas of the mill require a TPI (timber product inspection) of the logs, however, all of the logs exceed the TPI standards, regardless of whether or not it has been stamped with the TPI approval. These steps help to ensure that the logs for your cabin are of excellent quality, which goes a long way in the quality of your log cabin or logs home.

Regardless of the Bachman Log Homes Cabin kit you choose, you can select from one of two packages to include the Basic Shell Package or The Dry-In Package. The former package is perfect for anyone who is only looking for the essentials, such as the logs, and who already has the other building materials needed to complete the log cabin. For an all-rounder package, the latter would be the better log cabin kit option.

The Basic Shell Package includes the log cabin walls which are pre-cut to length with pre-cut plans, the log gables, log gasket, deck railing, spikes, gasket material, all paper wrapped and banded for shipment.

The Dry-In Package contains almost all the building materials you’ll need to build a complete log cabin. Unfortunately, the package doesn’t include things such as kitchen cabinets and appliances. Included in the dry-in package are the double-hung windows with thermal pane glass, solid railings for stairs (balconies, and decks), flooring, 2 by 10-floor joists, 2 by 10 rafters, 2 by 6 tongue and groove loft floor. Also included in the log cabin kit are the 1 by 8 tongue and groove ceiling, 8-inch insulation, 2 by 4 interior wall framing, log walls, log gables, lag bolts, log gasket, deck railing, roof timbers, log staircase (if applicable), spikes, and gasket material.

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