One Charming Barn House! Could You Live in a Barn Home? Must See Inside!

The 30 foot by 60 foot Great Plains Gambrel Barn with 12-foot lean-to and 12-foot open porch is a sight to see. This barn-style home is customized with a 12-foot lean-to and a partial loft. All Timberlyne wood barn-style home kits feature the strength and beauty of post and beam timber frame construction. Their custom-designed barn kits have been used as full-time residences, wood cabins, lake houses, loft apartments, secondary homes, and combination use barn and home.

The barn homes are rustic yet sophisticated, are pre-manufactured, shipped as a kit, and built to last generations. This barn-style home is located in Iowa and is just one of the barn kits you can choose. Timberlyne predesigned barn kits are the most economic choice for creating a stunning post and beam barn-style build. Each barn kit is expertly crafted from the same quality building materials as their custom barns, however, because these kits have been previously designed, you’ll benefit from an expedited building process and a smaller price tag.

Custom Barns. Once known as the cathedrals of the prairies, the iconic barn symbolizes both strength and independence. Whether you use the barn kit for hobbies, horses, or storage, a custom timber frame or post and beam barn kit from Timberlyne is built to stand the test of time. Design flexibility and building material choices are virtually limitless. From an authentic reclaimed wood barn to full dimension rough-cut timber, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for a simple post-frame barn or an elaborate full timber structure, framing is where everything begins. The look and feel of your barn will all be centered on your framing choice.

Post Frame. The post-frame barns from Timberlyne are gorgeous, authentic wood barns on the outside and provide the perfect utility space on the inside. Each post-frame barn building is built from the same quality building materials as timber structures. Valued for their utility, they also add value to your property as a more visually appealing alternative to a cold, industrial metal building.

Post and Beam. Post and beam framing mimics the elegance of timber framing, though the joinery is less complex. This results in beautiful timber structures with lower labor costs than their timber framing counterparts. Built with 8x timbers, these barns are built to last generations.

Timber Frame. When you are going for the most stunning barn building possible, timber framing is the way to go. You can choose from a full timber frame for the most grandiose building or choose a hybrid timber frame that integrates timber-framing elements with conventional framing while still providing a breathtaking aesthetic. The following are some of the handcrafted accessories you can choose to go with your barn-style building.

Barn Doors. Choose from a variety of styles including single and double sliders, single and double swinging, dutch doors, and walk-out doors. Timberlyne can also custom design a door to your specific dimensions.

Barn Windows. Choose from windows that replicate the detail, warmth, and charm of old barn windows. Panes are available in 5 inches, 7 inches, and can fit window frames of any size or shape.

Cupolas and Weathervanes. You can top off your barn masterpiece with a cupola and weathervane. Many unique styles and sizes are available.

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