Expandable Camper Trailer Telescopes to 3X Its Size!

You are sure to fall in love with the Beauer 3X, an expandable travel studio with 129 square feet of living space, the 3X caravan is designed to accommodate up to 4 people. The travel studio is fully equipped and with plenty of storage space, you will find it as functional as it is stylish. The Beauer 3X comes from Beauer and also has the Beauer 2X expandable travel studio and the Beauer 3XPlus with the comfort of a mobile home. All travel trailers have the option of electric or gas heating and water heating, ecological toilet, caravan mover, bike rack, auxiliary battery and solar panel, reversible air conditioning 230V, spare wheel, external blind fixed on the large cell, and Aldo stabilizer and anti-roll bar.

The Beauer 3X has plenty of things to make your vacation stay comfortable. There is a living room that is both welcoming and bright, which completes the Beauer studio. The bench seat can accommodate up to 5 people around the central table. The storage cupboards and chests are organized to give you the maximum living space. If the double bed in the bedroom is not enough for everyone, the bench can be transformed into an extra bed for two people. The kitchen is practical and fully equipped with a fridge, a gas hob, a sink with a water supply, and space for a microwave. The worktop has independent LED lighting. The cupboards are accessible and spacious for storing dishes and kitchen utensils. There is a bedroom with a bed for two, as large and comfortable as the one at home awaits you. The bed has a slatted base, mattress, socket, and switch at the head of the bed. In addition to the chests and cupboards, you'll find a wardrobe that will allow you to store your clothes properly. The bedroom area is adjoined by a toilet with a WC. It is possible to add a shower.

The Beauer 3X Plus uses a patented concept that is based on the telescopic principle, which makes it possible to extend 2 modules horizontally to triple the living space. The operation does not require any installation, you simply press the button on the back for 60 seconds to activate the electric cylinders. In the folded position, the furniture is nested together. During the unfolding process, the furniture moves into place by itself. When folded, the external space requirement is comparable to that of a conventional car, with the facilitates road holding and reduces wind resistance.

The travel trailers are designed and manufactured in France, with delivery by truck possible, with a unique and original design. Delivery in the United States is also available. A popular question regarding the telescope trailers is whether or not air conditioning can be installed, and the answer is yes. You can request the installation of a 230V air conditioner in a waterproof box in the caravan frame under the floor. This air-conditioner is reversible and can be used for both hot and cold. Please note that it will not replace a traditional heater during the coldest months of the year.

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