Cheap DIY Wind Turbine Can Help Power Your House!

With the rising cost of living these days, more and more people are looking at different options to save money and live more simply. Whether you live off-grid, on a boat, want to lower your energy bill or vacation in a remote cabin, you'll want to take a look at how with some inexpensive and easy-to-source materials, you can build a homemade wind generator, making electricity from the wind. With this DIY wind turbine, you’ll be able to light up your tiny home, power your barn, or charge your solar batteries. The DIY idea comes from Robert D. Copeland.

The good news is that the DIY idea is easy enough to do, if you can operate an electric drill, or turn a wrench, you can build this simple generator in a couple of days. To start you'll want to find the parts, and once you have them you should be able to put them together in a day. The four major parts in this DIY wind turbine include a vehicle alternator with a built-in voltage regulator, a General Motors (GM) fan and clutch assembly, a tower or pole on which to mount the generator, and the metal to build a bracket for mounting the wind generator on the pole. You'll want to make sure your alternator has a built-in voltage regulator. You’ll also need some electrical wires or cable to hook the alternator up to your storage batteries.

Fan Clutch to Alternator Attachment. The blades for the wind generator are repurposed from a vehicle fan clutch. To attach the blades to the alternator, you can weld the fan clutch hub directly to the alternator hub, you want to make certain the fan is perfectly in line with the alternator shaft. Also, make sure that the alternator’s built-in wire plug-ins are located on what will be the bottom of the generator.

Create a union using a 3-inch washer and four bolts, which will fasten the fan clutch and alternator together. Drill four holes into the washer to match the holes in the fan clutch, and then cut threads in the holes using the 1/4-inch tap. Next, screw the bolts into the holes. To determine the length of the bolts that you will need, stack the fan on top of the alternator with the fan pulley resting on the alternator pulley and both shafts in line. You'll then want to measure the length along the two shafts from the back of the alternator fan to the back of the fan clutch hub. Use this length for the bolts. Unscrew the alternator pulley nut, and remove the pulley and small fan. Slide the union that you made from the washer and four bolts over the alternator shaft, with the bolts pointing away from the alternator. Next, reattach the alternator fan and nut onto the shaft, leaving the pulley off. The large nut will hold the unit in place. Attach the fan clutch assembly to the bolts now protruding from the alternator, and tighten the nuts with lock washers in place.

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