Amish Barn House Kit Can be Setup in 3 Hours!

There are plenty of reasons you might need some extra space whether it's for an overflowing garage, old shed, garden shed, and more, Millers Storage Barns have more than 40 years of experience has plenty of storage bars to choose from. They have four series options to choose from to include the premier, deluxe, vinyl, and budget barn/gable. The reliable storage barns and sheds are built to last. Having an organized space is a good way to clear your mind and feel calm, and a good way to do that is to plan for your storage needs. If you feel you need some more space or a new shed to get organized you'll want to think about what you need to store, that way you can get the right size and dimensions to suit your needs.

These barn-style sheds are a hassle-free way to get the extra space that you need, and they take less than 3 hours to set up. They can install a cinder block foundation for your new storage shed or barn, or you can get someone to prepare a gravel base for you, or you can do it yourself, it’s up to you. They can also help you with the removal of your old shed depending on its size and condition. After you determine your storage needs and choose a shed, you can schedule for delivery and installation. Lead-time can vary depending on the season and assembly requests. You can expect your new shed or barn to be scheduled for delivery between 2 to 8 weeks.

Maybe you've had a shed in the backyard and it is beyond repair, and you feel it's time to replace it with an old shed. You might be worried about the expense or have been putting off making a change. Today’s garden sheds and barns have come a long way. There are many options and sizes available that will replace your old shed with something you can feel good about. You can transform your garden shed or storage shed from an eyesore to a sight to see. The following are a few of the available shed options.

A-Frame Cabins. With raw pine, a 4-foot porch, and a 40-year metal roof, the A-frame cabin will give you the unique look you are going for, whether it's in your backyard for storage or as your weekend getaway cabin.

Dog Kennel. Your pup will sleep and play in style with this all-new dog kennel. With an A-frame, red paint, and white trim in the front, the structure looks like a quaint tiny home. In the back, you will find a sturdy chain-link gated enclosure to keep your dogs safely secured. It’s not a dog house, it’s a home away from home.

Hi-Loft Style. Make the most of storage space with the Hi-Loft model, a charming, barn-like structure that will hold all of your essentials. They offer a 12 foot and 14-foot wide unit, so you can find a size that fits all yards.

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