Affordable DIY Log Cabin Kit Package with Great Floorplan

This is just one of the cabin buildings you will find on the Green Garden Chicken site. You can customize their cabins to the size and layout you prefer. You can choose from the options of size, roof color, loft, and more. Delivery is available. The Amish-made cabins have a metal roof in your choice of color, 3 windows, board, and batten siding. The cabins are built on 4 by 4 treated skids. They come with a 3-foot porch. Another option of the Frontier cabin building is a 9 foot by 24-foot cabin with a 3-foot porch, and a fully assembled and delivered to you. The cabin building comes ready for you to finish inside. They can add an insulations package as standard R-15 insulation. Cabin upgrades are also available.

Green Garden Chicken started as a family-owned company selling world-class Amish-made chicken coops. They grew and expanded to carry more Amish sheds, garages, horse shelters, and wood cabins. They wanted to carry green living products that help shape your life for a greener world. They have Amish builders in several cities around the United States to keep up with the demand and deliver the best Amish-built sheds and coops available.

The board and batten siding is made from Pine that is milled fresh from the Amish builders and the boards are 1 inch by 8 inches. The same boards are doubled and used for kickboards on shelters. The building floors use 5/8 inch plywood sheeting and all buildings have 4 foot by 4 foot treated skids. They use the R Rib metal roofing.

To prepare your building site for a shed delivery, your site needs to be level. It can be grass or you can bring in crushed concrete, gravel, or a cement slab. The ground needs to be hard, so if it is soft such as after a rain let them know so they can reschedule your delivery. Deliveries are fully assembled and unloaded from a tilt or flatbed trailer to your prepared site. All products are made in the USA with Amish quality by real Amish people. As for permits you will need to check with your

city before you purchase a building to see if and what requirements are needed for your city. Some areas need permits and others do not so it is best to check and make sure.

Pine is a softwood that flourishes throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Its availability has made it one of the most affordable building materials. Pine has a variety of applications that include cabin building, paper manufacturing, moldings, construction lumber, furniture, floors, and cabinets, it is considered one of the most widely used domestic softwoods on the market. White Pine grows locally across eastern North America and is among the first to mature in a developing forest. When properly treated, eastern White Pine timber is ideal for log cabin construction. When there are temperature or humidity variations, Pine does not shrink and swell as much as other species. Because of this, White Pine has the least amount of radial shrinkage of any wood species used as an engineering material.

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