Adorable Little Tiny House, Take a Peek Inside

The Hummingbird Cottage is a charming tiny home with 592 square feet of space, perfect for use as a retirement home, guest house, or backyard office. On the front, you'll find a covered porch to get into the front door, and then on the back, there is an area leveled out for a private deck. You can see on the floor plans that the deck will be built off of the French doors, which will be a great spot just off the living room to extend the indoor space outdoors. This tiny house floor plan was created by Ralph Jones Home Plans.

Designers of award-winning homes since 1964, Ralph Jones Home Plans have artistically been translating home dreams into tangible form to become a reality. They essentially put your dreams onto paper. Working with professional builders, contractors, families, and individuals, it all starts with the stock plans which are plans that have already been created and are the first step of customization. They carry hundreds of stock plans, organized by square feet.

They can also help you customize your already pre-drawn plans, from their pre-drawn custom home designs that you feel need a few tweaks to be perfect. They can work with you and create a place you'll love coming home to. On their website, they have 800 square feet to 7,400 square feet plans but they can create plans from 400 square feet to 10,000 square feet. The following are some of the benefits of creating a unique, personalized home.

Budget control. Most people think a custom home will be more expensive, but being able to choose building materials, finishes, and other choices can help to keep costs lowers or around the same as buying a pre-made home design. With no need for repairs or replacements anytime soon so less future hassles and costs. You also won't have to worry about repainting or carpeting any of the rooms.

Expression. Whether you are creative or have always wanted a cabin building in the woods, you can design it. You can choose a building lot exactly where you might want to live, whether that be in a certain suburb or wooded location.

Functionality. You can eliminate unused spaces/space, design rooms to your lifestyle, with an open floor plan, or defined room, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that your family and guests need, and add on large closets, storage, his and her sinks, and so much more.

Unique floor plan. Whether for practical lifestyle reasons or just because, you can choose or create a home floor plan you could never buy in a cookie-cutter home.

Material Choice/Quality. Whether you want a certain kind of wood, metal finish, or a certain quality of building materials used to build your home.

Privacy. If you are a private person, you can achieve the highest level of privacy when customizing your home design, an amount of privacy you might find difficult to get in pre-built homes.

Optimization. Customization can help you optimize things that matter to you like most such as airflow, tree foliage, and natural light from windows.

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